Terms of Service

PenguinPen will provide content creation and link building services according to the services it has displayed on the website. We take the charges in starting of the link building campaign and fully advance.

Services include:

  • Getting backlinks from different directories, blogs and websites to generate good link popularity.
  • Creating visual as well as content documents.
  • Creating submission and placement reports.


  • All the fees will not be refunded to the client.
  • All reports, recommendations, documents, services and fees are confidential.
  • PenguinPen does not have any control of search engine policies regarding the content or site types that they take in future or presently. The link of the client’s website can be taken down anytime from any website, search engine, directory or blog if it fails to lie with future search engine policies.
  • PenguinPen does not control the blog or website owners if they remove any content or links or change their own website. The placements would not be replaced or refunded.
  • PenguinPen will not be liable to the client under any circumstances for any kind of damages, including any direct or indirect consequential or incidental damages, profit loss, of claims of their party or your websites. You assume the potential damages and risks, unknown or known, that are associated with the services of PenguinPen.
  • PenguinPen owns the right to tweak the anchor text and other such details to ensure the success of placements.
  • PenguinPen is not responsible for the position in search engine for a particular search term, phrase or keyword. PenguinPen is also not responsible for the increase or decrease in traffic.
  • Getting “link farms” links or linking to the bad neighborhood sites can lead to failure of SEO efforts. Kindly, do not obtain links from any website without first consulting with PenguinPen.
  • PenguinPen does not own any responsibility if any chances are made to the website by third parties that effect rankings of client’s website.
  • PenguinPen will not give any services to the websites in following niches:
  1. Drugs
  2. Porn/Adult
  3. Paydays
  4. Gambling/Casino and related

Limitations of Service

PenguinPen owns the right to cancel the orders placed for sites in offensive or illegal industries. Any services, products or content that is illegal, defamatory or objectionable or aimed at a particular sexual orientation, gender, race, or group will be cancelled and refunded. Other objections include content that is targeted towards any service, animal cruelty, product, organization or business.